Dr. Geert Driessen was involved in the large-scale primary school cohort studies PRIMA (6 measurement points 600 schools, 60,000 students), and COOL5-18 (3 measurement points in primary, secondary, and senior secondary vocational education; 750 schools, 52,000 students). These cohort studies were initiated to monitor the Dutch education system in general and to evaluate policies such as the Educational Priority Policy. He also performed policy evaluations with regard to for instance Bilingual Education Programs, School Compositional Effects and Early Childhood Education Programs.

Some research projects are:

  • Attainment of Islamic schools
  • Educational inequality in the Netherlands
  • Usage of Dutch regional languages and dialects and proficiency in Dutch
  • Effects of variations in school hours
  • Achievement developments of the target groups of the Educational Disadvantage Policy
  • The implementation of Pre and Early Childhood Education in municipalities
  • The gender gap in educational achievement and attainment
  • The participation of minority children in Pre and Early School Education programs
  • Review effects educational disadvantage policy
  • Retention in primary school
  • Ethnicity teachers and achievement students
  • Pre-School Education: indicators and practice